Sunday, March 20, 2011

Death by my lovers heel Part 2

I lay there on the ground with Richa standing on me, making me lick my own cum and blood off her barefoot soles. I was reaching my breaking point. But Richa had miraculously made me cum at my death bed. I myself could not believe it. For a moment, I was content ... with Richa standing on me making me lick her feet.
Richa brought me back to reality with a hard stomp on my face. All I could see were her beautiful soles as she twisted her heel on my face.She stepped of me using my face as a stepping stone. She went to the car and changed into pair of sexy red Open toe stiletto

She walked back towards me... her heels clicking. She placed her left foot on my mouth and stood there. She said i have always thought what it would be like to run some one over with my car. I was terrified. I started blabbering when she cut me off with a swift stomp on my face and she shoved her heel into my mouth. As she leaned over and looked into my eyes.... she said darling I have to prove it to be an accident. I have to run you over real good to make sure you all squished and no heel marks show. I gagged with her heel in my mouth.

No... no... I dont wanna be roadkill i thought. Run over and dumped in the middle of the road, and people passing by as if nothing happened.

Richa removed her heel from my mouth with a popping sound. She laughed hysterically at the sound. She put her heel in my mouth again and removed it quickly to make another pop. She was enjoying herself. She stepped onto my chest, her beautiful red heels digging in and the pain returned. It was a constant wave, engulfing me over and over again. My darling Richa walked all over me slowly, sinking her heels into the places which hadn't already been marked. She placed one foot on my face, pivoted on it while her other foot was in the air. She walked down on my stomach, her heel finding my navel. Her next step, she ground her heel in my already destroyed dick, stomped it once, pivoted on it and walked back to my chest.

She stood there looking at me, scratching my face with her heel. She said - Bye Darling, it was fun while it lasted. With that, she stepped on my face, her heel splitting my nose and walked back to her car, an alto.

She started the car, her beautiful foot caressing the pedals. I looked across to see her sitting in the car, smiling serenely at me and I thought this is it. She put the car in gear and gently pressed the accelerator with her foot. I saw the car coming at me, the wheels aligned with my face. Richa gave it some gas and at the last moment swerved a bit to the left. The front wheel missed my head by an inch and went over my chest. Ohhh... It didnt hurt as much as I thought it would I guess. But Richa, the sadistic woman that she is gunned the engine and the rear wheel hit my left shoulder breaking it I think and she stopped the car while the rear wheel was on my chest.My ribs were about to give in. I was in terrible pain. I heard a voice and saw Richa leaning out of the window looking back at me. How was it she said. You dont look that bad and she let out a laugh. I tried to say something but the words didnt come out. I smiled faintly at her. Richa got infuriated. This turd still has the balls to smile at me. She put the car in gear and went forward. Having the wheel of my chest was a relief... but not for long.
She backed up and went over my stomach hard, both wheels bouncing. I think she damaged something bad there because it hurted very bad now. She put the car in gear again and this time aimed fgor my dick. As soon as her front wheel was on my dick, she stopped the car. I again was in agony. How much more could I take. I was about to find out. Richa put the car in hand brake and got out.
I was lying on the ground spreadeagled and helpless, the car pinning my crotch down.
She stepped on me and sat down on the bonnet of the car, with her heel on my throat and sole on my mouth crosslegged. Lick she said, and I started to lick her beautiful soles. I could smell her heavenly foot. I realized this was Richas kindness to me. She wanted me to die peacefully under her foot. I was happy there. She stood up on my chest and looked down at me. There were tears in my eyes. She simply said Bye dog.
With that, she put her heel on my throat, sole brushing my face and stood on it. I was choking and involuntarily struggling under her heel.
She became impatient and started grounding her heel into my throat. I began to see stars and her heavenly sole on my face. My throat gave in under the enormous pressure. Her heel sank deeper into my throat and I breathed my last under my lovers heel. I was dead.
Richa looked at me dead under her foot. She stepped on my face and got into the car.
She backed up over me and went back a few metres. She gunned the engine running me flat one last time, my body rolling with the tyres this time, so fast she ran me over.
Richa put on her shades and drove off into the sunset, leaving me smushed on the road- Roadkill..........

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